Commercial Electrical Wiring

Our expertise in electrical contracting as well as in design and carpentry brings a unique advantage to your commercial electrical wiring projects. We work closely with architects and general contractors to ensure that all projects are completed as they have been designed. Our commercial customers include builders focused on new home construction and contractors responsible for shopping strip malls, warehouses, restaurants, healthcare facilities, small offices and other light construction jobs. We specialize in all types of commercial construction including multi-level, warehousing, office buildings, networking, retail, and marina. We also design and install custom lighting systems, including interior and exterior lighting.

Lighting Design Consultation
The lighting scheme of your business is an important aspect of its overall look. We’ll help from start to finish with complimentary design advice, product selection, order management and installation. Our experienced staff will discuss with you lighting trends and the wide variety of products available. There is no additional cost for this design consultation if you select our installation services. We’re excited to share with you the latest fashions and newest technologies available to home and business owners!

Griff Electric will find a solution to any electrical issues your commercial building may be experiencing. We will identify the problem, provide you with a quote, and fix it quickly and safely. Our Master Electrician has experience diagnosing and repairing tripping breakers, faulty wiring, broken switches, industrial panels, data centers and more.

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