Happy Birthday to Griff, and Thank You to Our Friends

October 11, 2017 by Valerie Griffiths

We’re celebrating a very special birthday this year: we’re turning ten! It’s a good time to reflect on our growth and transformation over the last decade. Over the years we’ve completed everything from small residential projects, to entire re-wiring jobs, to large-scale commercial installations, to detailed restoration jobs. We’ve been involved in so many great […]

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Renovations Rewiring 101

October 5, 2016 by Valerie Griffiths

Consider this: The largest share of homes in Rhode Island were built in the 1950s and designed to accommodate minimal electrical use. The prevalence of computers, entertainment systems, air conditioning and large refrigerators is relatively recent. You can’t expect a home to keep up with modern day electrical needs when it’s just not equipped for […]

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Kitchen Lighting Techniques: A Chat With Kim Silvia of Apex Kitchens & Baths

June 15, 2015 by Valerie Griffiths

Collaborating with design professionals is one of the most fun parts of our job as an electrical contractor. We’ve had the pleasure of working with kitchen designer Kim Silvia of Apex Kitchens & Baths on many occasions. She’s experienced, up-to-date on kitchen innovations, and most importantly, great to work with. We sat down with Kim to bring […]

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The Contractor’s Checklist: 5 Need-to-Knows Before Hiring an Electrical Subcontractor

March 25, 2015 by Valerie Griffiths

Let’s face it: your client doesn’t care who your subcontractors are as long as the job is done right. As a building contractor, you want to choose an electrical subcontractor who makes your life easier and reinforces your business reputation. We at Griff Electric have learned a lot of things over the years about both […]

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5 Tips for Restoring Historic Homes in Newport, RI

March 25, 2014 by Valerie Griffiths

Newport is known for its colonial charm and historic homes. They’ve stood the test of time—but not without some help! Many homes have gotten facelifts in the 20th century. If you’re lucky enough to own one yourself or are thinking of buying one, it will require updating, both for safety reasons and to preserve its […]

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